We Impact gets to know Nuandao, because of Erica Huang, a Taiwan girl with cool outfit, friendly smile, fluent American English, who is also the Buyer of Nuandao. Nuandao is a flash sale website selling cool and creative design product with very reasonable price. Different from other design product selling website  Nuandao is not only about selling. It cares about any good design concept, creativity, designers and stories on the back.

At the begining of 2012 Nuandao comes to brandnu and shows an amazing story behind this brand.

Brand Nu is a shop in Beijing that sells clothing made by women’s cooperatives and products from other social enterprises. The purpose of the shop is to bring greater awareness of social enterprises to the Beijing community and to promote high-quality goods with a social mission.

Brand Nu was launched in 2009 by Nathan Zhang, an aspiring designer seeking to help rural women and migrant workers in China.  Inspired by second-hand and fair trade shops in Canada, Nathan sought to combine his interests in design, second-hand clothing, rural migrant women, and social enterprises through Brand Nu.

Nathan works with Ningxia Women, a NGO for rural women who lived in areas with limited job and farming opportunities. Nathan purchases their handicraft products and designs other goods for sale in his shop.  For his own product line, Nathan is working with a rural women’s cooperative outside Beijing to produce clothing from second-hand fabrics, which are designed by well-known designers and himself.  Clothing is donated to Brand Nu, which is then transported to the women’s cooperative to sew into ascribed patterns.  Nathan is creating a new style of “up-cycle fashion” that embraces environmental conservation through re-used fabrics and a social benefit of employing disadvantaged women.  The women are paid fair trade for crafting the clothing.  Currently, 30% of his store’s sales are attributed to up-cycle fashion pieces.  If the second-hand clothing is not necessary for his designed goods, Nathan donates the clothing to a migrant workers’ organization nearby Beijing.

Source of information: http://www.avantageventures.com/zh/avcatalogue/sv-brand-nu

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