We Impact at the 2013 Beijing Design Week

-Flower of Life –

For the 2013 Beijing Design Week, We Impact teamed up with award winning architect and founder of FABLAB Design Studio, Kevin Chu, to create a one-of-a-kind interactive installation.  From September 26 to October 3, the structure was displayed in the heaviest traffic area outside the main entrance of Beijing’s 751 Design Park .

The Flower of Life is designed like a flower. Its structure is a symmetrical hexagon, which represents the ideal condition of life: infinite. Through the centre of the structure, an array of 150 lightweight aluminum tents supports 4-metre high rods. At the end of some of the erected rods is attached a lightweight plastic bowl filled with various eco and sustainable products from local businesses. The bowls weigh on the rods, causing them to bend in the form of a flower.  The purpose of the installation was to demonstrate, both esthetically and functionally, the idea of balance and harmony that lie at the heart sustainability. By creating an interactive piece where visitors play a role in striking that balance, we not only allow visitors to engage in these ideas, but also offer local vendors of sustainable products a great marketing opportunity.

– Beijing Design Week –

The 2013 Beijing Design Week was held from September 26 to October 3. More than 300 designers gathered in Beijing to display more than a thousand art pieces.  The event was the tourism landscape for  thousands domestic and international visitor during the national holiday.

For the past three years, the Beijing Designed Week has not only helped promote the cultural development of Beijing and its evolution toward a “national cultural center” and “world-class city”, but has also contributed to the Chinese capital’s application for the UNESCO title of “design capital”, which it earned in 2012.

– Green Design Awards –

The Annual Design Awards are set up to honour any design work, organization or individual that contributed to the capital‘s city development, social progress and cultural, industrial development, so as to promote the development of education, design and the design industry.

Numerous  domestic and foreign exhibitors and designers gathered together in 751 square to celebrate the opening of the international design festival’s seven awards. The “Flower of Life” was awarded the Green Environmental Protection award, a prize intended to support and encourage Design Week’s green projects.

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